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When Should you Seek Treatment?

Many parents bring their babies for a cranial check-up after birth as a matter of course; others only if their baby is unsettled, symptoms have developed, or the birth was difficult.

I recommend craniosacral therapy for every newborn baby, ideally within the first 2 months of birth, though it is never too late. Don’t wait for symptoms to arise.

Specific indications for bringing your baby to a craniosacral practitioner include:

  • symptoms of excessive crying or screaming, fractiousness, unsettledness, poor sleep, feeding problems, colic, trapped wind and other digestive disturbances, breathing difficulties, baby cries or arches spine when placed on their back
  • following a long, short, or intense labour
  • after a long, quick, or difficult second stage
  • after complications or intervention, such as forceps, ventouse, fetal distress
  • following caesarian section, both elected and emergency
  • after surgical procedures or baby operations
  • the premature baby
  • with brain injuries and genetic disorders
  • after acute infections such as meningitis
  • following an adverse vaccination or drug reaction

If a baby does not receive craniosacral therapy, he/she may eventually settle better, but only because he/she will have adapted to their situation. Untreated, the problem may well reflect later in their health, temperament, behaviour, learning ability, ability to cope with stress and their outlook on life.

Mid-wives and health visitors often recommend craniosacral therapy for babies, do ask their advice.

Peter Zealley