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The benefits of craniosacral therapy for babies

Unfortunatley due to the constraints of my diary it is difficult for me to fit babies in at present; I do when I can. Babies often need to be seen quickly and with several follow-ups, which often I am no longer in a position to offer.

Many of the symptoms and behaviour patterns in babies are directly caused by the effects of their birth process. At least 95% of newborn babies retain some of the stress, mechanical strains or trauma from their birth, even from a perfectly natural delivery. Unfortunately, in most cases these tension patterns do not simply disappear. Unless your baby is treated effectively, he/she will just adapt to what she/he has experienced, often resulting in symptoms. Such symptoms include: excessive crying and screaming, inconsolable crying, poor sleep, feeding difficulties, digestive and breathing disturbances, arching and not wanting to be put down.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and often effective hands-on treatment, making it the ideal complementary therapy for treating newborn babies. It works by releasing the physical strains, compressions, stress and trauma effects retained in your baby’s body and nervous system that can arise during pregnancy, labour and from the process of birth, whether she/he was born by natural delivery or caesarian section.

“After a difficult birth, my ten-week old daughter found it difficult to sleep and was colicky. After two sessions of craniosacral therapy, I found her sleep patterns and general demeanor greatly improved – I would highly recommend Peter Zealley’s treatment”.

Mrs C.

Craniosacral therapy has a particular role in the assessment and treatment of babies, especially those unsettled by their birth and/or pre-natal or post-natal experience.  I have worked with babies for over 25 years and I have 3 children and currently one grandchild.

It may be a challenge for you as a parent to put your trust in a practitioner you may not know and in a therapy you may not understand, but consider craniosacral therapy as an option for your baby’s well-being, especially if they are unsettled or have had a difficult birth. A course of craniosacral therapy at this age can make a positive difference to your baby for the rest of his/her life. Babies can be treated at any age, from birth onwards; it is never too late to help a baby or a child with overcoming  residual effects of their birth process and early life experience.

Craniosacral therapy is also recommended for mothers after giving birth. If you have endured a difficult, stressful, or traumatic delivery, you and your body will be in need too. Craniosacral therapy can help release the physical strains and emotional stresses of giving birth and restore you to better balance. Even one session may make a difference.

I am the author of the book, ‘Your Baby’s Cry for Help, Understanding and helping babies who cry excessively’. This book was published in 2014 and is available as a physical book and Kindle download from Amazon.