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Peter Zealley - Craniosacral Therapist

Helping you to heal in body and mind

Treatments for Adults

Having being in practice for over 30 years, I recognise that recent and past injuries, stressful events and traumas are the reason behind many health issues in adults, children and babies.

If you, or your child, is suffering from symptoms which could be the effect of something that has happened and this includes birth, falls, infection, head or spinal injury, car accidents, sports injury, stress, emotional and mental trauma, bereavement and post-surgical complications, I may be able to help.


I help clients of all ages and with a variety of presenting complaints and backgrounds and choose not just to list loads of medical conditions here.  Consider booking an appointment with me if you resonate with any of the following:-

  • I am looking for a more gentle and sensitive approach to the assessment and treatment of a health issue, whether due to age (babies, children, and the elderly), injury, stress, anxiety, grief, hypersensitivity or previous traumatic experience
  • I am looking for an alternative therapist who has experience,  good medical knowledge, a holistic approach to health, sees healing as a process involving integration of mind and body and is aware of the spiritual dimensions of life
  • I need help in gaining better perspective to my  past experience so that I am able live more fully in the present moment
  • I am looking for a second opinion from an alternative medical practitioner.
  • I am looking for perceptive insight into myself/my life/my health condition.
  • I am well and looking for maintenance treatment/relaxation/personal development
  • Osteopathy/chiropractic/physiotherapy/psychotherapy/counselling are failing to help me/have made matters worse.
  • I have an unsettled baby. He/she cries excessively or screams/wont be put down/has sleeping problems/digestive issues/had a difficult birth and/or post-natal period, or baby surgery/was premature.
  • My child has a health/physical/learning/behavioural/stress/anxiety issues and I am looking for a different approach to his/her health while working alongside  medical support.
  • I don’t want to have my bones crunched.
“I arranged to see Peter due to migraines that I had been experiencing for over 15 years, and was aware that he is highly regarded in the field of craniosacral therapy. He is extremely approachable and open during both the assessment and treatment process, and considers the whole person when exploring what the issues might be. He also gave some great advice about what to expect after the treatment sessions, which was very helpful.

My migraines have improved dramatically during the time I have been seeing Peter, along with many other aspects of my life. Peter really enabled me to see life from a very different perspective and I have benefitted greatly from this treatment”. Mrs West

Children's occupational therapist

Clients are often suprised at how a course of my treatment leaves them, or their child, feeling calmer, physically looser and more balanced and confident.

I am available to discuss your health concerns, or those of your child, either by telephone or email, prior to making an appointment.