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Peter Zealley - Craniosacral Therapist

Helping you to heal in body and mind


Having been in practice since 1986, I recognise that, recent and past injuries and difficult personal events, stress, trauma, grief and losing one’s connection to nature, life and wholeness, are the cause of many physical, emotional and mental health conditions. I also experience that the qualities of the human heart, including compassion, empathy and unconditional love, are essential for healing.

I have made the decision to discontinue treating structural issues such as back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder,etc as I no longer have the diary capacity to make this viable. There are many local osteopaths, chiropractors,  and physios who do this work.


Within the field of adult health there are 10 main areas to my work:-

  2. ACCIDENTS. I frequently treat people for the effects of more severe injuries and accidents, whether of recent origin or of longstanding. This includes car accidents, significant falls, head and spinal injury. I am also able to treat adults for the long term complications of childhood accidents and where it is relevant to their presenting symptoms, the retained effects of their birth process.
  3. CONCUSSION. I am skilled and often successful at diagnosing and treating concussion and post-concussion syndrome. Results are usually significant within one or two treatments.
  4. THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. As a craniosacral therapist I work daily with the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). Treatment of neurological illnesses, or neural damage, is usually balancing and supportive rather than curative.
  5. STRESS. I can help release emotional states, calm the stress response, relax the mind and encourage the resting state. Healing, repair and recovery take place only when the body is its resting state.
  6. TRAUMA . Our body goes into trauma mode when we become physically or mentally overwhelmed, either due a single traumatic event, or an on-going situation which has become too much too bear. Trauma results in dissociation and freeze. Craniosacral therapy can play a key role in aiding recovery from trauma.
  7. HELD GRIEF. I recognise that held grief is a prevalent and often unrecognized issue. Grief becomes held in our body, often subconsciously, when we have not got over something that happened and this includes accidents, surgery and difficult personal events, as well as bereavement. I can help the body process and release the grief response, creating space for new experience.
  8. PERSONAL HISTORY. I am familiar with the processing of personal history both at a psychological and body level. We all hold memory patterns of our difficult life history in our body structural and neural tissues. My work may help you and your body to recognise, process and integrate or release, what has happened, leaving you with a clearer perspective to your past and more able to face life as it is unfolding now.
  9. MIND PATTERNING. I have some ability to perceive mental states and the thought patterning of the mind, particularly when thought patterns have become stuck. I may also be able to help the brain let go of conditional thought programmes and open up pathways for new insight and ways of being. You are not your mind.
  10. LIFE ISSUES. Being present within our physical body and to nature and being seen for whom we are, are essential for our physical and mental health. Craniosacral therapy works with the universal life forces that help our connection with our body and the natural world. I recognise each person for the unique individual that they are and encourage creative expression.


I help people of all ages and with a variety of presenting complaints. Booking an appointment with me is appropriate if you resonate with any of the following:-

  • I am looking for a gentle, sensitive and personal approach to the assessment and treatment of my health issue.
  • I am looking for an alternative therapist who has experience, good medical knowledge, a holistic approach to health, sees healing as a process involving integration of body and mind and is aware of the spiritual dimensions of life.
  • I am looking for perceptive insight into my health condition/myself/my life.
  • I need help in gaining a clearer perspective to my past experience so that I am able to live life more fully in the present.
  • Medical treatment/osteopthy/chiropractic/physiotherapy/psychotherapy/councelling are failing to help me/have made matters worse.
  • I don’t want my bones cracked.
  • I am looking for something natural to work alongside my medical treatment.
  • I am looking for maintenance treatment/relaxation/personal development.
  • I am looking for a second opinion from an alternative medical practitioner.
“I arranged to see Peter due to migraines that I had been experiencing for over 15 years, and was aware that he is highly regarded in the field of craniosacral therapy. He is extremely approachable and open during both the assessment and treatment process, and considers the whole person when exploring what the issues might be. He also gave some great advice about what to expect after the treatment sessions, which was very helpful.

My migraines have improved dramatically during the time I have been seeing Peter, along with many other aspects of my life. Peter really enabled me to see life from a very different perspective and I have benefitted greatly from this treatment”.

Mrs West

Children's occupational therapist