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Peter Zealley - Craniosacral Therapist

Helping you to heal in body and mind

How to Contact Me

If you need to contact me quickly the best way is to send a text to 07979 721 227

I check my texts every few hours. I do not check my voicemails every day.

For all other enquiries and appointments telephone me on: 0800 970 6153 or send an email to peter@zealley.com

The 0800 number is my business number and goes through to my home. It has an answer phone service during the day. I am often available to answer calls personally in the evenings, up to 9.30pm. I aim to return left messages within 48 hours.

‘X0’ have a copy of my Topsham diary on their computer system and their receptionist can book appointments for me, but for X0 only. I am in Topsham only on Wednesdays.

The Natural Health Practice has an answer phone; messages left there will be relayed to me, usually within a few days. Occasionally this does not happen.

Should you not get a reply from me, please try again. This will be due to high demand, lack of time, or technological or human error, for which I apologise. My technology skills are limited.

I check my emails regularly but not always every day.

Please note that my diary is regularly booked 4-6 weeks ahead, so I may not be able to offer you an appointment soon and urgent appointments are increasingly difficult to do. However, I can consider you for a cancellation. Should you have an urgent back problem, I suggest you try another practitioner first. 

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