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Peter Zealley - Craniosacral Therapist

Helping you to heal in body and mind

My work may aid you with:

  • Symptoms & disorders of the physical body including bones, joints, muscles & the nervous system
  • Treating the effects of accidents & injuries, including head, face, pelvis & spine
  • Releasing physical, emotional & mental stress
  • Encouraging the processing of grief, trauma & personal history
  • Helping your baby or child

Exeter & Topsham, Devon, UK. Tel: 0800 970 6153 or mobile 07979 721 227

Conditions Treated

Recent and past injuries, stressful events and traumas are the reason behind many health issues in adults, children and babies.


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and often effective hands-on treatment, making it the ideal complementary therapy for treating newborn babies.


Craniosacral therapy is a complementary therapy that provides parents with an often effective alternative to mainstream healthcare for their children.

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