How long will it take to see an improvement with our baby?

"We saw a remarkable change in our baby's behavior immediately. The two subsequent treatments made this change more permanent. C. has changed from a restless and unhappy baby to a relaxed, contented and fun five-month old. C's treatment has remarkable changed the life of the whole family." Mrs. P

Some babies improve greatly after only one  craniosacral therapy treatment, but please do not expect this. The treatment of a baby is a process and like all processes takes some time. On average most babies receives between 4-6 treatments and 5-8 treatments is common following a difficult birth or after intervention. Very premature and severely traumatized babies are a special case and may well require on-going support from craniosacral therapy.

Every baby is unique, as is their birth experience and this reflects in the nature and length of their treatment.


page update - July 2015


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